#8 : The Horse with No Name..........inspired by 30 truths

I am participating in a 30 truths meme in cyberworld and typing the answers one by one .............to 1-30 writing prompts.  The idea is that it is "raw" truths and it is almost theraputic.........you can use fiction or non-fictional names , events etc because its "yours" you own it.  I try to add a bit of humor to mine as I guess a defense mechanism of sorts???????????  I guess???????????  
the prompt for day #8 which also ironically coincides with my #8 of 365 humans , just as #7 did.

I am using the response in its original form........ I think it says enough.
"Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit."

quite simply put don't ya think?  The very first thought that comes to mind is "how is shit treated exactly?"  well hopefully its "disposed of" gotten rid of , flushed or in the case of a cat, "covered up."  So with that analogy I will proceed with the thought............ "someone who disposed of me or "covered me up." 

I have to say that this was my deceased grandfather.  You see, he only had initials for a name, and for that reason some people believed that maybe he never even  existed and someone was trying to cover up who he really was.   I never met him, my parents never met him and worst of all my Grandmother who bore his son.......... she didn't want to talk about him.   I tried to get information about him from other relatives too, they were all very evasive............. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

 He was always a mystery man.  A man that was identified his and my entire life by "Initials Only."  I.V. Butler.   He was the sperm donor to my 14 year old Grandmother who gave birth (rumored by my mother) to my father while being married "shot gun style" to Mr. I.V.

My father doesn't ever remember meeting him, although I was told he did when he was about 12.  I think he probably was checking to make sure he could marry his new wife legally? or making sure no one would find out about "them?"  I really don't know.  I had to tell my father that his own father died before he got the chance to meet him.  He waited his entire life to be contacted by this man.  He never was.

I called the phone number, I wrote a letter and even rec'vd a letter back.  It had some photo copied photos (xerox) as well as a newspaper articles singing his praises, telling his life story, and even some photos of his grandchildren.    Nice man.   He was even a military chaplain.   Maybe God forgave him for "forgetting" that he had a son, granddaughter, great grandchildren?   I dunno ?  but I haven't.  You see he wrote me a letter saying his wife............ "thinks it would be better if he didn't communicate with me because she was unsure of my intentions."


You see ,  Mr. I.V. never had children with this wife although she did have children previously.  He did have a son once with a previous wife, but he passed away at an early age ( maybe 30) .   There were no "natural" heirs and apparently she didn't want him to have any.

Yea............... I was "covered up"  or "discarded"  ...........by him & her........people I never knew that I was "related" too.   They say blood is thicker than water,  yes maybe in a literal sense but otherwise I believe this to be a myth.  My "thickness" remains with those that have no common DNA and I am sure I am not alone in that.

I am not sorry I wrote that letter, I learned a lot.  I learned .... a lesson.  I learned ... and still have much more to learn...

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