#7 Shane Michael........... it's in the eyes

Shane....I have always loved that name, every person I ever met with that name had the best eyes....... I swore when I had a son , he would have to have that name.  I did.  My son  was sick from birth, with big ole beautiful blue eyes , like his sister's.  She prayed for that color.  He was given only 18 hours to live and survived 23 months and a few hours. He was the best.  I am not going to go into much detail here as I could probably write a book about him.  But i would say........ he is the only person in my life who truly loved and trusted those that cared for him with all of his huge heart. He was tough, brave, sweet and forgiving to everyone he met.  In his roughest hours...... he still had a smile for you, even if it were just the sparkle you saw in his eyes when you walked into the room.  

We donated his eyes when he died, along with some other organs, but his eyes were special, they made 2 other children see the world more clearly.  I still have the letter.

6 years ago my daughter, Rachel, gave birth to a son and gave him a 4th name in order to include "Shane" who was her baby brother that we lost 23 years ago.  Its been a long time.

Yesterday, my estranged daughter gave birth to a little boy with the middle name of , "Shane."  I don't know if I will ever meet him, but I hope to one day, I am sure he has beautiful eyes. 

Shanes favorite song....... if you knew him you knew this CD we played it for him all the time so he could dance on his sore legs before he could walk.......


  1. Oh, I am so sorry...Tears....they won't fix anything, I know, but I cannot imagine that pain. Why? I always loved that name, too. How does one get over that? I don't know, but I am amazed at your strength ...your son would not have wanted you to stop living or laughing and so you go on....And that song, yes, I remember well...Forever, now, I will remember you and your son when I hear it...I loved that song..He was a beautiful boy, Angie. And when you hear the rest of us complain and whine about our lives, you must be thinking; you have no idea. I have some idea, but nothing coming close to this. xoxo (Lisa Carol Bennett)

  2. Anjie, How in the world did I miss this story. As, you know I'm fan of your writing. Your style and way in which you tell stories is so real. Which is why I'm crying now. My heart hurts for you. You said that Shane was tough,brave,sweet and forgiving to everyone he met. He must have taken after his Mother in those traits. Pray for you today, may God fill you with memories of good time's with Shane. Hugs, Bonnie Cosby