#11 ......my friend........David Bales

"We had a dive at Central Chesterfield Community center named after him. The David Bales Special. You Launched yourself off the High dive and in the middle act like you lost all control. Just as you were about to hit the water you turned sideways and soaked the lifeguard. A lot of years ago. "   ~  Wayne Trammell

My Friend..............David Bales 1979 (?)

I haven't seen or talked to you David in many many years.  We lost touch........we drifted......... (this is becoming quite the theme - not intentionally by the way) .  I actually heard about how good you were doing through a friend that saw you and we asked about each other.  How could that have happened.........  I have either blocked this out because I am at fault... or "missed something" along the way.  

I was probably wrapped up in a bunch of drama the last time I saw you.  There were a few time periods like that in my life and I got wrapped up in survival and forgot about things and people that I shouldn't have.  As my love interests changed so did my social circles.  How pitiful of me.......  I think I was 21 or 22 the last time I saw you and that has turned out to be about 1/2 of our life.  It has flown by. 

You always had a smile.  You always made other people smile.  

I will always remember hanging out with you as a Teen aged girl.  Allen and Mandy and sometimes Bill when he came home on weekends from the Navy (Do you remember that time he almost got me "grounded for life?") growing up in the "old days of Chesterfield."    And of course, at Tate's Lake , you guys taught me to water ski, with all of the gang.  Or just riding around visiting different people and hanging out around .......  without a  care in the world?  Oh yea and how could I forget working with you and Diane (or was it Lynn?) at Weiner King on Belt Boulevard :)   All of the partying and just hanging out with Debbie , Alva and James........ and Pam & Tommy's house too.........just too many times to count......

Oh yea and how about that  Stroh's tattoo where we traced beer cans at The Sturbrook Apt we shared with Allen and Curtis gave you guys jail house tattoos in a smoke filled room.........laughing and branding our friendships forever.  

I remember when I was poor and a single mom , how you would come by to see if there was anything I needed and taking me to see Pat Benetar when I couldn't afford it.   I saved the picture you sent to me in New Orleans for Christmas......... I love it...........I always have.........you were delivering to me that smile..........across 1000 miles.

And now time has passed and we have raised our families apart from each other............I can't help but think that I did my self , your family and my family an injustice by not making the time to seek out and rekindle our sister/brother friendship we once had.

I read the guest book in the Richmond Times Dispatch and my throat is tightened.... you left us the day before my birthday, I won't forget the date....... I am gripped with the sorrow that your beautiful wife and girls must feel losing such a special soul.  I read about her missing you and the love you shared .........I am so happy that you were happy............ you deserve it.

Thank you for being a bright spot in my life...........I among many many others have some great memories that are about you.

David Bales

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BALES, David A., 50, of Chesterfield, passed away January 21, 2011 at home after a strong battle with A.L.S. He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Cheryl Matthews Bales; their daughters, Jamie Lee Morgan and Michele Renee' Bales; siblings, Diane Bales, Lynn Tajnsek, Jack and Kyle Bales; grandsons, Ryan and Evan; nieces, Lesley, Kim, Easter, Evon, Debbie, Bobbie, Melody and Jackie; nephews, Michael, Aaron, Shawn and Joe; and in-laws, Derrick, Chuck, John, Betsy, Julius, Alex, Charlotte, Linda, Nora and Chris. He had much pride in his position as a correctional officer at Deep Meadow Correctional Center. He loved his family and friends deeply. He enjoyed the Cowboys, fishing, hunting, camping and relaxing at the lake with his friends, especially Bill Griffin. He was often heard saying, "Hey Buck," "Can't Have Nothin'" and "Have a Blessed Day!" A service will be held Friday, January 28, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at St. David's Episcopal Church, 1801 Camborne Rd., Richmond, Va. 23236. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the A.L.S Association Chapter, 7507 Standish Place, Rockville, Md. 20855.

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