#32 .... SYDNI...... The Thief

This is the photo ^^^^   "image"  that tugged at my heart....... I knew her....and her family from afar.  How could you not?  If you live(d) in Powhatan, you had  or have heard of the Brawleys.  They came in like a storm and made their mark....all over the place.     A single mom with 5 children each with a unique talent of some sort...and ALL with a closeness that my own family that I was born into never had, no matter how much I tried.

"Paddy" was her nickname for her IPAD ,  the very expensive IPAD that was hard for any teenager to obtain ..... was hers.  It was a gift I learned later,  for her birthday from her Mom and newly acquired Step-Father, Tony.   I think it was her  sweet 16th.   She loved her IPAD and took it everywhere she went.

The story was ....she was in class,  ART CLASS?  not really sure but sitting with a group of  trusted friends.  Her beloved friends...the friends she connected with in PHS.   I may be "off a bit" on the story but I think she left to go to the rest room or somewhere and returned to find that her "PADDY"  had been stolen, GONE.

She posted "the photo" and it came up in my facebook feed.  I don't believe I was her facebook friend at the time, but I was her mother's facebook friend and she (Beth) also pleaded for this treasured item to be returned.    There was ,  of course,  no response.   No One stepped up to the plate and returned this item to her ,  and no one "gave up"  the thief.

I looked high and low for ways to replace her IPAD,  it became my mission to blow up her mother's email with differing ways she could "earn" another IPAD .   She could join several online programs and refer her "million" friends (that she did and still does have, actually she has a huge following in the church and online)  or she could enter contests,  she could do all sorts of things that takes Time and Energy to do to replace her IPAD for her daughter but her daughter couldn't do the same things as she was not 18....she was only a couple of weeks past her 16th ....PADDY WAS BRAND NEW.

Mom professed they could not afford to run out and buy a new one, and well.....it just wasn't in her schedule to do anything about it except "pray" and "put it out there."

Well........I am a contest person and I also wanted an IPAD...... so I was entering like crazy and low and behold.... I was "picking fries from Wendy's" online game and I won one!   It came several weeks later and I was ecstatic.... YEAH I WON AN IPAD......  and I looked at the box ....and I thought of NOTHING but  "THE PICTURE" ^^^^^^^   I could not own that ipad in good faith....I had to ...well I had to bring it to the high school and put her name on it...... I wasn't the thief,  I didn't know the thief, heck I didn't even really know Sydni....but .... I became her friend.... quickly.....

   WHO COULD NOT LOVE THIS GIRL ?  ^^^^^ WHO COULD STEAL FROM HER ?  The more I was around her on the side lines  of the pep rallys and football games the more I loved her from AFAR.

THIS ^^^^ is the only photo I know of ....that shows the two of us together..... I smiled proudly at her my camera pointed to the floor making eye contact with Sydni who would sit on stage during the graduation ceremony 2011.  WHAT a SMART BEAUTIFUL TALENTED YOUNG LADY SHE WAS AND IS !   my heart beamed as she passed and smiled at me....and it was captured on film , that moment that I saw her walking by....

^^^^ this photo is the only one that I have personally taken of sydni (alone)  I took others in groups on stage and at school........... this fact is quite strange because I am a photographer and she is not only an actress but ALSO a model.     This photo was taken the day of graduation and just shows her inner and outer beauty as I see her ^^^^^ as I saw her that day.   Of course after the "paddy" incident we became and still are facebook friends.  I have followed her journey as she starred in many plays from Pocohontas to Snow White to just about every major role you can image.... she always shined and STOLE the SHOW......

Jenni Chung Photography.

Jenni Chung Photography took this GRIPPING image of Sydni and my heart stopped when I saw the serious gorgeous side of her.  I am sure her parents cry everytime they see a new photograph of her .  The images show so many sides , so much emotion......

Preston Tran Photography!
This is her newest image that I have seen of miss sydni.   AGAIN JUST STUNNING and BLONDE ?  what the heck this girl can pull anything off.  She is vivacious, serious, stunning and a gorgeous actress and model.  I sure hope she is now getting paid for her work, because as you can see .....she deserves to be.   I have seen her in 3 wedding dresses and she has never been married.  I have seen her as characters, happy, sad and everything in between.  She is in college now and having the time of her life.  The middle child.  The youngest daughter. The supportive sister.  The traveler.  The Carpe Diem girl.  The missionary.  The trusting friend.

On a mission trip , unsure of photographer and shamelessly stolen image from Facebook.


right from the beginning ... from the time I saw that PHOTOGRAPH.... THE  PHOTO.......the one I  have related to the most ...... the one where she "trusted too much" ......

I know if you are reading and viewing this blogpost you also just fell in love with her.

I know Sydni is going places..... literally and figuratively .... and I would like to think that some how my little encounter with her stays with her .... and if she ever has the chance ....to connect with someone in a kindred way ....she will.   I know she will.  

Maybe one day ,  I will spend some time with her and REALLY PHOTOGRAPH HER .... and I think I will probably need her autograph.  <3 br="" nbsp="">


  1. Wow Angie..

    Just WOW!

    (heart expanding)

    love you.

    1. awwww love you too BETH..... thank you for being you and raising such an awesome daughter

  2. What a great post. I know Sydni's sisters much better than I know her, as we hired Sarah to photograph us in a pumpkin patch, and Shannon to babysit our children. But I did just slip a tiny project for Sydni for Mr. Chip. Beth and her children are absolutely loved for their talents...and for the hearts behind them. I'm so glad you fixed the iPad situation for Sydni. I was thinking, just now, that you and Jim have the "fixer" thing in common. I'm blessed to have both of you, as you've each fixed problems for me over and over again. Love you!

    1. thank you Brandee, your love and friendship mean so much to me ..... you know that ....and anything that I can do to "fix" anything for you or your family....I'm there, even if I fail , I will try!

  3. I remember that day very well. I never knew she got another one. How generous of you to give her your ipad.

  4. Anjie you are such a generous person. I remember at the time that someone named Angie had replaced her Paddy with one that had been won in a contest. I didn't realize it was Anjie with a J! You have been such a blessing to so many in our PHS community through your photography. I do hope that sometime you and Syd have a photoshoot because your talents combined would create such incredibly beautiful imagery.

  5. Anjie, what a gift you have in telling stories. I feel as if I know Paddy as I wish her well with career and life. So sweet of you to go on a mission to get her another ipad. Lovely story about two lovely ladies.