#17 Sidewalk Sister

Today I met this little chipmunk.......  the other day  I met this duck above....... on the sidewalk  coming and going from class. I also met a baby bird and its mother.  I saw this a few feet in front of me today.   I witnessed the most amazing event along with another student.  A girl much younger than myself.  She was coming I was going and we both tried to rescue the same baby bird that was separated from its family and on the sidewalk.  It was in the line of fire of the footsteps in the transition time.  We connected and were both making sure that we cornered the baby so it would go in the grass to its mom, dad and 3 little siblings.  The Mom? was on "alert" and was calling out to its baby and was pacing around trying to get "him" back frantically.  The Dad? was calm and keeping the other 3 together several yards away.  

The baby was hidden in the grass and we ventured further into the grass .......leading the baby to safety and back to his family.   Then something very special event happened........the mom positioned herself in our line of sight and pretended to be injured flailing herself around to get our attention as to protect her baby from us, she wasn't sure what we were doing.  It was the most amazing thing to see. 

I met this girl, the student at JTCC today and don't know her name , but we both shared this amazing thing.............and then she said "look at that chipmunk, he is looking right at you." I got into the chipmunk and my camera phone and she went to class.  

Thanks for the unforgettable experience today,  my friend.  Next time I need to take YOUR picture :)

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